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Buccaneers of 24 Squadron – Book 4 – The Final Phase Vol 1 and Vol 2 Bundle (Soft Cover)
17th March 2022
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24 SQN and Ops Patches
5th October 2022
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Buccaneers of 24 Squadron – Book 4 – The Final Phase Vol 1 and Vol 2 Bundle (Hard Cover)


This is the concise (738 pages split into two volumes) story of the final phase of the Buccaneer aircraft operated by 24 Squadron of the South African Air Force during the period 1985 to 1991 when the squadron closed down. Included are the H2 TV Guided bomb project as well as the participation in the last major operations of the bush war.

This is the story of the SAAF Buccaneers S Mk50 and their service in 24 Squadron.

Maj Gen Frans J. Labuschagne (Retired) Ex Officer Commanding 24 Squadron writes:

The first operational sorties flown by the Buccaneers were on the 4th of May 1978 when 24 Squadron took part in Operation Reindeer at Cassinga in southern Angola. The last of the operational sorties flown by the Buccaneers were on the 6th of February 1988 during Operation Hooper near Cuito Cuanavale in south-eastern Angola. During the course of our operational involvement over the 10-year period, 24 Squadron had polished techniques and tactics, in a word, the doctrine to excel in the sorties that were required of us.

We had flown successfully in an air defence environment that until then, had been met by no other Air Force in the World; and in so doing, we were blessed with no further losses of aircrew or an aircraft in operations. This would not have been possible without the utmost of dedication on the part of all the aircrews dispatched on Buccaneer sorties; and for that of ground crews that went to great lengths, often under trying circumstances, to ensure mission-readiness of the aircraft.

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A4, Soft Cover, 226 pages, Full Colour


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