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Buccaneer 421 was left to the elements standing outside for many decades, and also suffered a freak incident when a hangar collapsed during a storm causing damage to her as well. It was decided to embrace these flaws and damage, and to restore 421 to display condition, but also opening up many of the parts of a Buccaneer that are unseen to most people. A rare glimpse to many secrets that defy her age and the technology of the day when she was built. It will also stand as a testament to the crews who have dedicated much in keeping this beautiful lady in the skies during her operational years.

Important Introduction

While 24 SQN Buccaneers NPC may be overseeing this project, we work at the pleasure of the SAAF on this project, and we have to abide by their rules and accommodate their requests. Hangar 12 is located in the operational area of AFB Swartkop so not only do we function as part of the Museum, but also under the auspices of the base commanding officer.

In order to achieve all of this, to become a member of the 421 Restoration team, also requires each person to also become a member of the Friends of the South African Air Force Museum (FSAAFM) or ‘Friends’ as they are affectionately called.  This is the vehicle that provides us with the necessary permits and special access to the operational area.  Only the 421 Buccaneer crew get this special access, the ordinary FSAAFM members are only permitted to visit the museum area.

It is a very important concession that we are given, but it does also require us to not only serve on the 421 Restoration project, but also to assist the Friends in general with their various events and activities.  It is by no means a cumbersome duty, if anything it opens up a whole new world of aviation history to enjoy and to get involved in other projects as well.

The Application Process

Firstly, you must please complete the online form hereunder to join the 421 Restoration Project Crew.  There is no cost involved, only a request for a reasonable commitment to the project and helping us to achieve our objectives of preserving the history and legacy of SAAF Buccaneers.

Once you have completed the form, you will receive an email with all the information that is required to join the Friends and how to specifically get the 421 Hangar 12 access in the operational area.  There is a small fee involved which covers their admin and the production of the ID card for the 2022 year.

Without this specific Friends membership, you will not be able to be part of the 421 Restoration team.


Personal Details

Availability & Skills

We have two types of working days. On the first Saturday of the month, we are down at Hangar 3 manning Buccaneer 414 during the Museum General Flying Day. We raise funds by assisting people to sit in the cockpit and to take photos. We also provide basic information should visitors ask. (Training will be provided and a more experienced volunteer will always be at hand). On the third Saturday of each month, we are up at hangar 12 (inside the base security and operational area) working on Buccaneer 421. No specific skills are required, other than being prepared to do old fashioned hard and dirty work. Specific skills will always be most welcome and helpful.

Tools and Equipment

We require an assortment of tools and equipment at varying times. Typically these are some of the items we require.