So who are we?

We are a group of ex-24 Squadron air and ground crew as well as friends of the Squadron who simply love the Buccaneer and are working on restoring and maintaining a number of static display aircraft around South Africa, as well as preserving the history and legacy of 24 Squadron. A Non Profit Company with a board of directors oversees the management and operations of the various projects as well as generating income through fund raising and ensuring good governance of all finances and administration.

Where, what, why and when?

A little more information about our activities.

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Buccaneer 412 is the gate guard to AFB Waterkloof in Pretoria, 414 is currently on static display at the SAAF Museum in AFB Swartkop also in Pretoria. 416 is currently being restored to her former glory by the team down at the SAAF Museum in AFB Ysterplaat which is in Cape Town. 421 is undergoing a serious transformation by the volunteer team in Hangar 12 at AFB Swartkop. She is being prepared for static display and because of previous damage we have decided to open her up and allow folk to see the inner workings of a Buccaneer. Then we have 422 in somewhat pristine condition at the Ditsong War Museum in Johannesburg. Not many people know that she was retired from a major service at Atlas and sent directly to the War Museum. The Buccaneer simulator and other artefacts are also located at the SAAF museum in AFS Port Elizabeth.
Our teams are made up of volunteers from all walks of life. Some of us are ex-members of 24 Squadron and have experience of working on or flying the Buccaneers. Some people have loved the aircraft from a young age and are keen to get involved. Some people are history buffs and enjoy the opportunity of discovering more while some are friends who were pulled in and enjoy the camaraderie of the people and the common cause. We work together with the SAAF Museum management and command structures who provide tremendous support in many ways. While for the many the interest is personal, it is also preserving history for future generations.
Out of respect and love for the men, women and machines that made up 24 Squadron during the era of the Buccaneers in the SAAF. We have also connected with WWII 24 Squadron war veterans who are thrilled to once again be part of the environment through the refurbishment and restoration projects
This does vary between teams as to when they get together, but there are also regular social gatherings in-between work days to catch up on the stories and to talk 'Buccaneer'.